Why Become a Partner?

Since Owl's Nest sanctuary for wildlife is a true no profit and receives absolutely no government funding, we rely completely on your donations and partnerships. We have no employees, all of our staff members are volunteers and donate their time and efforts to rescue, care for, rehabilitate, and release native Florida wildlife. Many of the animals we rescue require extensive, long-term care. This means that 100% of your partnership or donation goes directly to caring for sick or injured animals. Even a small partnership or donation goes a long way towards helping.

How much is it to become a partner?

Partnership fees are relatively low. You can become a partner for as little as $100.00. You can also get together with your family, friends, co-workers, and employer to raise money to purchase a partnership.

Our partnership levels are as follows:

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What is the difference between a donation, a partnership, and an adoption?

A donation is a simple tax deductible gift to the rescue. Donations may be any monetary amount or through our wish list. An adoption is a preset donation and in return you receive an adoption certificate and a plush toy of the animal you adopted. A partnership works off a level system and you receive advertising and other perks for your business or organization. The levels each have different benefits and they are as follows:

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have more questions please contact Kris Porter at (813) 598-5926 or OwlsNestSanctuaryforWildlife@gmail.com.

Some of Our Current Partners: