Baby Bird 9-1-1

Ring Ring…Ring Ring…Ring Ring


Owl’s Nest: Hello-

Caller: You’re the bird lady right?

Owl’s Nest: Yes, what can we help you with?

Caller: I found these birds and its an emergency! I am worried they’re going to die if you don’t hurry up and get here.

Owl’s Nest: Ok, before we dispatch can you please text us a photo of the bird with your address and tell me a little more about what happened.

Caller: I just sent the picture. My daughter found them and picked them out so now even if we put them in the nest the mother will reject them and I can’t find the nest. Please hurry!

Owl’s Nest: (Beep, Beep) Alright well good news is those are actually fledglings meaning that they are suppose to be out of the nest and exploring on their own. (New Voice Mail)

Caller: But we touched them and now they won’t get fed. We went ahead and brought them inside and put them in a box so they don’t overheat.

Owl’s Nest: Actually birds have a very poor since of smell and it is just a myth that if a  person touches a baby bird the parents won’t feed it. While they are fledgling the parents will still feed them on the ground. Their best chance for survival would be if you put them back in the area where you found them.

Caller: But—

Calls like this start coming in during the spring and continue on through the summer and the call we missed is most likely another fledgling ’emergency’ who we do of course call back as soon as we can. In the average day we probably receive 5-10 calls about non-injured fledgling birds. There are times when the fledglings do need someone to intervene though. If the bird is visibly injured it does need medical attention and a licensed rehaber should be contacted. If you don’t want to take our word on it take it from National Geographic: Should You Put a Baby Bird Back in the Nest? Depends on If It Is Cute!

baby bird flow chart

If you do happen to find an animal (not just bird) in trouble please make sure you report it to a licensed rescue facility like Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so that it can receive the care and treatment it needs. We also ask that you consider making a donation to Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so that we may continue our work.